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We value quality and results. We use our knowledge and experience in software development to achieve your business goals.
We provide a wide range of services: from creating a simple business card site to developing complex mobile custom applications.
Mobile development
One of our core competencies is mobile application development. This means that we receive requirements from you and completely create a finished product. From the development of ideas and documentation, we move on to design and programming, test, help publish the application on the App Store and Google Play, and also provide post-release maintenance.
WEB development
We develop web applications in .NET, php and Java, opening a limitless world of online solutions for our clients. Such programs are compatible with different devices and OS, do not require installation and allow you to work with comfort, wherever you are. We implement projects of any complexity: single-page and corporate sites, online stores, CRM and ERP systems, various services.

Development on Python

We offer our customers custom development in Python. We believe that this language is ideal for developing MVP (Minimum viable product) – a small application that allows you to test the technology and economic component of your product idea much faster than if you develop everything to the end.

The main advantages of the MVP approach are as follows:

  • Focus on building a core. The MVP application focuses on one idea and does not include any other features. The MVP approach refers to the ideology of a lean startup, which is built with a minimal budget at a given time. Having some of the core features can reduce the cost of developing mobile applications. MVP allows you to test the application with minimal risk;
  • Possibility of early testing. It’s good to find out from the very beginning if your idea will work without investing your entire budget;
  • Evaluation and recognition of users and the collection of reviews. MVP gives you the opportunity to know the opinion of your potential users and how they want to see your final product;
  • Lets check the market. MVP will help you understand if your application is suitable for your target market. He should well introduce your brand to users and show them how your project is unique compared to others in its category;
  • Takes less time to develop your application. Less development time means lower application development costs. The faster your mobile application, website or any other product is launched for users, the faster you will receive feedback. This means that you can work on improving your application and quickly release an updated version.
  • Budgetary. This is another important advantage, since it allows you not to immediately spend all your resources on things that may not work.

Python is beneficial from several points of view:

  • A large number of libraries for all occasions. Using flask and django for web projects is especially convenient;
  • High vertical and horizontal scalability. In particular, significant savings can be made on code optimization through gunicorn and orchestration solutions;
  • Despite the considerable time required to deploy the infrastructure for python projects, in general this is the fastest way to get a “medium-sized” product.

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