Solutions Company
We value quality and results. We use our knowledge and experience in software development to achieve your business goals.
We provide a wide range of services: from creating a simple business card site to developing complex mobile custom applications.
Mobile development
One of our core competencies is mobile application development. This means that we receive requirements from you and completely create a finished product. From the development of ideas and documentation, we move on to design and programming, test, help publish the application on the App Store and Google Play, and also provide post-release maintenance.
WEB development
We develop web applications in .NET, php and Java, opening a limitless world of online solutions for our clients. Such programs are compatible with different devices and OS, do not require installation and allow you to work with comfort, wherever you are. We implement projects of any complexity: single-page and corporate sites, online stores, CRM and ERP systems, various services.

Information portals


A platform for storing and exchanging bitcoins with a multi-level security system has been developed. The platform was integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges. Implemented functionality for the full work of exchangers: separation of roles for team members, reporting for managers, calculating the current balance and report on financial instruments, the presence of a referral program. The security of transactions is ensured by the automatic deposit of bitcoins by the system.

Informative website for travelers

The site offers users a convenient tours search from all tour operators. A detailed tour card provides visitors with all basic and important information. In addition, there is an opportunity to submit an application for participation in tour. The site is developed on the LARAVEL framework.

Parcel delivery from USA site

What was done:
• We have examined many similar services and carefully analyzed all possible scenarios of service usage.
• New interface and bright service design was developed.
• We developed and added a special calculator to calculate the cost of shipping goods from the United States.
Now service works in such way: when client goes through a quick registration on the site, he immediately receives personal delivery address at the warehouse, which can be specified when making purchases. The goods from shops will go directly to the intermediary’s warehouse, where special people will carefully pack items and ship them to Russia. Every order can be tracked through SSA or tracking numbers. Additionally, service has a handy calculator for easy calculation of the shipping cost.