Solutions Company
We value quality and results. We use our knowledge and experience in software development to achieve your business goals.
We provide a wide range of services: from creating a simple business card site to developing complex mobile custom applications.
Mobile development
One of our core competencies is mobile application development. This means that we receive requirements from you and completely create a finished product. From the development of ideas and documentation, we move on to design and programming, test, help publish the application on the App Store and Google Play, and also provide post-release maintenance.
WEB development
We develop web applications in .NET, php and Java, opening a limitless world of online solutions for our clients. Such programs are compatible with different devices and OS, do not require installation and allow you to work with comfort, wherever you are. We implement projects of any complexity: single-page and corporate sites, online stores, CRM and ERP systems, various services.
We are engaged in turnkey website development: from design to the delivery of a turnkey solution with further maintenance and promotion;
We develop separate modules for sites based on 1C-Bitrix, both necessary and optional at the request of the customer;
Maintenance of current sites based on 1C-Bitrix: correct installation of updates, bug fixes, minor improvements;
We carry out the transfer of sites from other platforms to CMS 1C-Bitrix;
Creation and maintenance of the main types of sites: commercial, informational, personal;
Development of various types of sites: commercial sites, corporate portals, online stores, Landing page, business card sites, promotional sites, personal accounts, sites for healthcare and government organizations, information portals, 1C: Franchising, conference sites, etc.
Development of complex web projects, online services, portals
Online store;
Corporate website;
Business Card Site;
Informational portal;
Landing page.
Application Design;
Application Prototyping;
Create unique application designs;
Application development in addition to the site;
Create independent applications;
Publish apps to Android Market/ App Store.
Web solutions: .NET Core, Java Spring, Cordova, Vue, Angular, WPF, Vaadin/GWT, JavaScript/TypeScript
C # programming language, .NET environment, WPF front-end engine, Visual Studio development environment;
C / C ++ programming language, Visual Studio development environment;
Java programming language, EE, JavaFX front-end engine, Eclipse for Java EE development environment;
Web design
Design for social networks (VK, FaceBook, OK) (We create stylish and selling content for posts and stories, Full design of groups);
Banner Design;
Creative Design for RK;
Pre Landing Design;
Landing Page Design;
Design WAP and Mobile Landing;
Design Mobile Pre Landing;
Website Design;
Design of Online Stores;
Design Mobile sites.
Product Design
Environmental analysis;
Product Architecture;
UX / UI design and engineering;
Internet Marketing
Creation and maintenance of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords;
SEO-promotion of sites in search engines;
Creating a portrait of the target audience, developing a Unique selling proposition(USP);
Development of a strategy and plan for promoting the company on the Internet and offline;
SMM – managing company pages on Facebook, Instagram, VK. Regular posting of content, engaging subscribers, organizing promotions;
Setting targeted advertising on VK, Facebook, Instagram;
Search and purchase advertising from opinion leaders / bloggers on YouTube and Instagram;
Work with web analytics systems (Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics): analysis of visits and site performance and advertising campaigns.
Registrars (creating and filling out accounts on the site);
Parsers (all kinds of bots for collecting information from sites);
Posters (all kinds of bots for posting information on websites);
Bots for tracking and monitoring the site with subsequent notification or action;
Bots for participating in contests, auctions, filing applications and documents;
Social media bots;
Various bots to automate routine actions.
Technical support sites
Monitoring the stability of your site (protection against viruses, hacks and prolonged crashes);
Integrated site maintenance;
Timely updating of the site.